Discover Malta

The Beaches – stunning coves and the clearest waters

Malta offers an abundance of rocky beaches and natural swimming pools. Best of all you’re never more than 20 minutes away from an amazing beach. Our friends at can help you find the best beach on the day depending on weather and wind conditions.

St Peter’s Pool is one of many natural swimming pools, sea-sculpted from the coastal rock. This spot is mostly frequented by locals and is essentially a hideaway with no facilities at all so it is crucial to bring your own food and drinks.

Golden bay is one of the most popular sandy beaches and is easy to get to. Also within walking distance is Riviera beach. Sunsets here are pretty spectacular. However be warned as these popular spots may be quite busy in August.

The Blue Lagoon in Comino, boasts of some of the most clear waters in the Mediterranean. The Caribbean style turquoise waters are worth the trip to this smaller island situated between Gozo and Malta.

Our favorite is definitely San Blas bay in Gozo. It’s very challenging to get down to this remote beach, however this beach is worth the hassle to get to.

Gozo – the perfect day trip

If you have extra days and energy, head down to Gozo for a more laid back version of Malta. The smaller sister island is the perfect place to wind down after Glitch Festival. A short ferry ride will take you from Malta to Gozo. Commonly considered more rural, rustic and scenic than Malta. Walk around the capital of Rabat (also known as Victoria), a visit to the Citadel should not be missed. Roam around Victoria’s market and narrow winding streets and make sure to try the famous Goat’s cheeselets, also known as gbejniet.

Gozo is rated as one of the best diving spots in Europe – famous for the underwater visibility, warm temperatures and stunning underwater scenery. A number of dives accessible from the shore and many more that are just a short boat ride away.

The island is very small so you can easily fit in a lot of activities in a short stay.


Valletta – A world heritage city

Most of Valletta has been revamped to it’s former glory in recent years. Built in the 16th century by the Knights of St John during their reign in Malta.

Visit the capital city of Valletta, a Unesco world heritage site. Valletta is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. Just about a kilometer of what it has to offer, everything is within walking distance. The best and most authentic Maltese restaurants are in the country’s tiny walled capital, Valletta.

We suggest you skip the touristy restaurants in the main squares, most of the authentic spots are tucked away in the side streets. Valletta has been transformed with some of the most hip bars and restaurants the island has to offer. There are several boutique hotels located here as well as stunning apartments available on airbnb.

At the opposite end of the grand harbour are the ‘three cities’. You can catch a ferry from Valletta to capture a stunning backdrop of all the 16th century fortifications. Stopping at Vittoriosa, we suggest you roam around all the backstreets of this old town to get a good glimpse of village life and Maltese culture.

Mdina – The silent city, is possibly one of the most beautiful spots around Europe

Home to less than 300 inhabitants. Mdina is the old capital city and goes back to over 4000 years of history. The ancient walls and fortifications after-which it is named are truly stunning. With its gorgeous narrow, cobbled streets, infused with the glory of medieval architecture, Mdina will undoubtedly take you back in time. It’s also probably the best spot on the island to capture that perfect instagram photo with panaromic views of Malta. What’s more is that Mdina will be the backdrop of Glitch Festival. Once again this year the festival will be held in a valley in the vicinity of the fortified city!


Maltese Dining – an array of flavors

Discover traditional Maltese food, inspired by centuries of different rulers that have left their mark on food and culture in general. There are plenty of excellent restaurants specialising in Maltese cuisine, from rabbit stews to lampuki (dorado).

Head to to Mgarr a local village renowned for it’s Rabbit stew, the village square here is home to the best restaurants recommended for this dish. The meal is refered to as a fenkata and usually shared between friends. Dishes such as spaghetti with rabbit ragu and fried rabbit with garlic, followed by ‘helwa tat tork’ – Literally meaning Turk’s sweet, has been around for centuries and inspired by Arab rule.

The best place to eat seafood is Marsaxlokk, in the south of Malta. Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village, with the harbor featuring brightly coloured luzzu’s – a traditional fishing boat. If you’re extending your stay you must also visit the street market here – it boasts the freshest seafood available. 

Go to a local snack-bar and try a ‘Ftira biż– żejt’, which literally translates to bread with oil. This usually consists of Maltese flat bread rubbed with fresh Maltese tomatoes, olive oil & all the Mediterranean ingredients that symbolize summer.

Make sure to try Pastizzi! They’re a great pastry snack, which usually comes in a cheese or pea varieties. The real magic is in the pastry itself. It’s made of very thin, flaky, and soft layers of pastry similar to phyllo-pastry but not quite. You can find them practically everywhere around Malta. They’re also the perfect hangover cure!

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