Festival Grounds

Glitch Festival returns to its home at Gianpula Village, framed against the iconic skyline of Malta’s fortified city of Mdina. Spread over the course of 4 days, the main festival will be taking place at Gianpula on the 14th and 15th of August.

Once again, Boiler Room will be joining us in Malta following a fantastic debut in 2019. Apart from the beloved Fortress, Cave, Orbit and Cosmic stages, the intimate Rooftop will also feature our trademark late night pool parties. But that’s not all, the Midnite stage makes a return following last year’s successful introduction to bringing the total number of stages to 7.

A lot of time and effort goes into curating a quality line-up, while making sure each act fits in its ideal setting. The experience at Glitch Festival is looked into every detail, designed for an enthralling atmosphere with fantastic sound-systems, lighting and decor.

The Fortress

The mainstay at Glitch Festival and the largest of all stages. Starting off early enough to capture a stunning sunset paired with colorful house & disco moments. As the night sets in, and darkness falls, the festival continues to flourish with a vast array of the world’s finest House & Techno selectors.

Without compromising on quality, music diversity has always been an important & key part of Glitch Festival’s experience, and the fortress is proof of this. In all of the previous editions the fortress left us with unforgettable memories of the Mediterranean summer, with an intimate atmosphere like no other.

Orbit Stage

Since its introduction in 2019, the Orbit Stage has quickly earned its popularity for its electric atmosphere. Expect a fine curation of techno titans from the very first minute till the very last.

Cosmic Stage

The Cosmic stage culminates the festival with high energy & intense fun. Nestled among trees, it provides a secluded environment away from the rest of the festival grounds, with darkness in a stark contrast to the flashing lights, complementing the eclectic list of selectors with no genre restrictions.

Boiler Room

Tucked away deep inside the festival grounds, this is one of the most intimate & intense stages at Glitch Festival. With everyone close to the action, artists performing here know they don’t have to play it safe. From acid, electro, techno to house, a very special curated line-up of selectors will light up this stage with a variety of genres and unexpected surprises.

The Cave

The old cave that sets back hundreds of years makes a return this summer following a very popular introduction in 2018. The unique feel and setting this area possesses is surreal. 

The Rooftop

From pool parties to tear jerking italo-disco moments at closing time, the Rooftop has always brought proceedings to a dramatic end. This year more artists have been confirmed to take control of our beloved Rooftop for more good times!

Midnite Stage

Race with the stars at the Midnite Stage. Following its debut in 2022, our friends from Midnite Snack will be taking over this stage once again, hosting an array of talent from different corners of the electronic spectrum. Expect bright fast energy.

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