Boston 168

BPitch Control / Involve Records

Boston 168 is an analogic duo that through sound production aims to redefine a peculiar field of the electronic sound; Acid Techno. Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca are two Italian electronic researchers who have spent years working on vivisecting sound in order to create new solutions for the techno substance. As a result, they irradiate with cosmic warmth the dawns in warehouses, ex-industries and clubs, taking their audience on techno voyages, looking for new gravity spaces and sound blackholes.

In 2010 the two young producers co-found Old and Young label: a combination of the experience of Gambo with their fresh point of view in order to redefine the basis of techno. The two young producers start working on their live set. The duo’s meticulous work mixes up the acoustics of the traditional machines which made the history of techno, Roland Tr909, Tr707, Tb303, Avalon Abstrakt Instrument and other technological hardware.

The feedback of the international techno community is huge: Boston 168 release on different labels such as Enemy, Involve, Attic music, Odd/even, around their EPs and music there is a growing interest from the whole industry and this leads in 2017 to a residence at Khidi club in Tbilisi, current world techno capital, and in 2018 to their last work that coincides with their debut on Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control.

"Glitch Festival continues to grow in clubbing clout, and if this year’s proceedings are anything to go by, then Malta should certainly be on the radar of underground dance music fans"


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