DJ Hyperdrive


As the name suggests, this DJ likes it fast.

DJ Hyperdrive started out with the locally renowned “purest health” collective in Cologne, yet relocated to Berlin to pursue his own musical vision. It is a vision consisting of fast-paced techno bangers, mixed with driving, deep and funky trance. Though he is constantly evolving, his sound and its influences can be traced back to dry and hard old school trance and the early decades of electronic music.

Now a resident at the infamous Crude party series in Berlin, the young DJ has been turning heads and moving bodies across the capital city and beyond with his full-on take on the new trance movement currently sweeping over Europe. Having shared the ballot with major figures in the scene, at prestigious events such as Synoid, Ismus or Bottom Topixx, DJ Hyperdrive has established himself as someone to keep an eye on.

Fascinated with a slew of different genres and sub-genres, he playfully combines Trance, Hardtrance, Psytrance and high-speed techno to generate an atmosphere tingling with energy and enriched by psychedelic nuances here and there. His forte lies in expertly combining these seemingly opposed musical directions into a coherent, pleasurable and above all danceable mix.

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