Human Safari

ARTS / Schimmer Records / Oni Recordings

Human Safari is a promising artist from Malta who in just a short span of time is already enjoying the trust of some industry titans through his production work. His unreleased material is gaining appraisal from the likes of Etapp Kyle, Rene Wise, Marcal, DVS1, DJ Bone, Michael Klein, Sev Dah, Ink, Truncate, Hitam and many others.

Human safari has been shaping his own interpretation of genres often leaning towards Tribal Techno and DnB. The year 2022 will see a string of releases from this artist on Schimmer records and Oni recordings. His sound is usually drizzled with Lush pads over fast-paced percussive Rhythms with throbbing 909 Grooves that will surely take you from the dark dancefloor into the Jungle.

From the booth, Human Safari’s diverse sets deliver a solid build-up to endless fast rhythms and euphoric moments.

"Malta has long been a tourist hotspot, but Glitch is making it a destination for dance music fans"


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