Clone / Nightwind Records

There is no one like Legow­elt. His vast musi­cal out­put spans many dif­fer­ent worlds – some real, some imag­ined — and does so in a unique and cap­ti­vat­ing fash­ion that keeps lis­ten­ers enthralled.

Since first emerg­ing in the ear­ly nineties as a key part of the Dutch West Coast scene and Inter­galac­tic FM fam­i­ly, he has become a core mem­ber of that crew who takes inspi­ra­tion from Detroit and Chica­go pio­neers but also fan­ta­sy films and sci-fi cul­ture, and is nowa­days a mod­ern day tech­no pin-up in his own rite.

Pere­nial­ly fas­ci­nat­ed by old and bat­tered noise-mak­ing machines, his dizzy­ing out­put is defined by ana­logue tex­tures and clas­sic val­ues as well as an ever-roam­ing sense of son­ic inves­ti­ga­tion that veers from tech­no to freaky house deep­ness via old school acid. A pro­duc­er with a rare sense of humor, Legowelt’s pro­duc­tions come thick and fast but always retain high lev­els of qual­i­ty assur­ance. They land on labels like Clone, L.I.E.S., Peo­ples Poten­tial Unlim­it­ed and Crème Orga­ni­za­tion in the form of myr­i­ad EPs but also well received full lengths like The Para­nor­mal Soul and Crys­tal Cult 2080.

Of course, Dan­ny Wolfers records under myr­i­ad alias­es but Legow­elt is his most cel­e­brat­ed ever since he hit the charts with 2002’s ​Dis­co Rout’, a track that real­ly put him on the map. The ensu­ing years have seen him for­ev­er tweak­ing his mys­ti­cal, misty and mys­tic for­est tech­no sounds and have seen him grow in demand as a live per­former. When play­ing in clubs around the world he cre­ates cap­ti­vat­ing sound tracks on the fly, sound­tracks that force lis­ten­ers to play imag­i­nary films in their heads and dance non stop. Legow­elt, then, is a true per­former, cre­ator and inno­va­tor with a fierce work rate that puts the rest of the world to shame.

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