ARTS / Fundamental Records

Mutex is the moniker used by Daniel Chetcuti, a 32 year old from Malta. He started playing records back in 2002 where he began playing regularly at some local underground music events.

In 2006 he and a few close friends launched Complex Sound Sagacity – a local promotion/net-label focusing on various aspects of club music and beyond. Around that same time Mutex started making music where he released a few tracks along the years on record labels such as; Fundamental Records, CSS, Balkan Vinyl, Wirebox and most recently his first EP on ARTS.

He also has an Electro based side-project together with Vertical Dimension named Moodex. Throughout the years, Daniel has acquired a broad taste of different styles of electronic music and these influences can be heard in both his DJ sets and productions.

"Malta has long been a tourist hotspot, but Glitch is making it a destination for dance music fans"


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