Nene H

Live From Earth Klub

Nene H has become one the underground’s most favoured DJs and producers. Her infinite creativity, refined taste and unique approach keeps convincing dance floors all over the world.

Everything about Nene H reeks of the unexpected. Whether she’s sprinkling trap into a peak-time techno set, or obliterating Berghain in her bridal gown—just when you think you’ve managed to box Beste Aydin Muasya in, she throws a curveball that hits you square in the face.

In the nine years since relocating to Berlin, the Turkish-born DJ has become a powerhouse of the city’s evolving underground identity—blazing a trail for SWANA, Muslim, queer, and female representation in a scene which has historically overlooked them. Her transcendental sets are the result of an all-consuming infatuation with music, built upon the foundations of the Azerbaijani and Turkish sounds she grew up on, and filtered through the prodigal prowess for classical piano she honed at Stuttgart’s State Conservatory. Serving up truculent techno, Turkish-German Hip-Hop, and lashings of booty-bouncing ghetto-house, she demonstrates an inexplicable aptitude for genre-jumping, and makes it make sense.

But however eclectic Nene H’s sonic identity, her motives are unwavering. Her presence is unapologetic, and her uncompromising commitment to uplifting marginalised communities in club culture persists throughout each of her endeavours.

She may be unpredictable, but one thing is for certain: With every venture she sets her mind to, Nene H is invigorating the underground with ass-shaking optimism.

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