Nina Kraviz


Nina Kraviz is a famous Russian dentist. She hung up her drill to collect records & make music. Since breaking through with standout releases, she quickly established herself as one of the most significant artists in the global electronic scene. Her undisputed love for music, broad tastes, skills and guts to play whatever she feels like makes Nina an absolute Glitch favourite.

Renowned for the unpredictable twists and turns her sets can take and the emotionally charged feeling she creates, her range of sounds is astounding – from pure house music, ambient, minimalistic techno and songs, but all delivered with the unmistakable Kraviz twist.

Kraviz’s discography starts in 2007 when her first 12” was released on Greg Wilson’s B77 label, after Kraviz gave him a demo at the RedBull Music Academy where she was a participant.Then followed the “Voices Remix Project“ and “First Time EP” on Jus Ed’s Underground Quality imprint in 2008. The following year the ‘Pain In The Ass’ EP on Rekids as well as a few strong remixes helped to propel Kraviz onto the world stage. Alongside ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ and ‘Pain In The Ass’, perhaps her biggest track to date is ‘Ghetto Kraviz’, her homage to Chicago’s Dance Mania label, taken from her critically acclaimed 2012 self-titled debut album. “Mister Jones” was the last EP Kraviz released on Rekids before focusing entirely on her own трип imprint where she has been regularly releasing her own music as a part of Trip’s conceptual albums ( tracks “IMRV”, “Let’s do it”, “I believe I can fly”-simple yet effective live cuts on modular were all released on трип imprint).

In 2015 Kraviz cemented her reputation as one of the worlds leading selectors releasing her critically acclaimed DJ- kicks album. She’s one of the few electronic musicians to be invited to speak at the Oxford University Guild. While 2016 saw Nina praised and acknowledged in the media and industry for her curation, taste and skills – her label trip was voted the #2 label of the year by Resident Advisor and in December she released her stand-out mix for the long- running fabric CD series.

"Glitch Festival continues to grow in clubbing clout, and if this year’s proceedings are anything to go by, then Malta should certainly be on the radar of underground dance music fans"


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