trUst record­ings

Hav­ing spent the best part of 15 years col­lect­ing records, Saoirse has now estab­lished her­self as a respect­ed name with­in the elec­tron­ic music com­mu­ni­ty.

As a DJ, Saoirse is con­fi­dent­ly in con­trol of her sound. A sound that is the prod­uct of an already long and var­ied musi­cal jour­ney. Her inter­est in and com­fort with such a range of gen­res means she is capa­ble of effort­less­ly weav­ing sounds togeth­er, with equal mea­sures of ease and style. Expect dub, house, jazz, elec­tro, garage, tech­no, ambi­ent, breaks and some sur­pris­es, along­side an unpre­dictable and cheeky mix­ing style cou­pled with pal­pa­ble pas­sion and creativity.

Saoirse is now a glob­al­ly respect­ed, albeit impos­si­ble to pro­nounce name and one can’t help but feel that this real­ly is her time.

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