Sean Rickett

With nearly two decades of experience behind the decks, Sean Rickett is one of Malta’s most accomplished and versatile DJs. Known for his ability to seamlessly hop between the different sub-genres of the electronic spectrum and push boundaries in his sets, he’s earned a reputation as a true Selekta.

Deeply influenced by UK club culture and all forms of bass-heavy music, Rickett’s sets are known for their energetic and unpredictable nature. He has a particular affinity for the sounds and aesthetics of the 90s rave era, incorporating classic acid lines, old-school breaks and driving grooves in a flawless manner.

But Rickett never shies away from a challenge, always striving to push the envelope and break new ground in his sets. With his unwavering approach, he has achieved the highlight of his career so far, delivering an unforgettable Boiler Room performance at Glitch Festival 2022.

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