Jupiter Jax presents Son Of

Opal Tapes / Mood Systems / 100% Silk

Son of is our local import of deconstructed electro, better known for his work under Jupiter Jax. With his debut release ‘Social Zombies’ on Opal tapes, Son of will be educating us on the dangers of living in a world with ever-increasing entropy.

In line with his upcoming release on his own imprint ‘Mood Systems’, his current live set has now shaped into a journey of relentless melodic entrapment, stabbing electro, deconstructed rhythms and near-future apocalyptic scenarios.

With his hologram followers on the rise, they will be needing their next hit.

"The depth and quality of the Glitch Festival line-up marks a strong new presence on the European festival circuit, and adds another story to Malta’s evolving history"


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