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The sound of X CLUB., the dance production duo of Ben Clarke and Jesse Morath, is not easily defined. Inspired by early 90s techno all the way through to future-facing drum’n’bass, X CLUB. has carved out a space entirely their own thanks to their authentic and eclectic take on dance music with serious consideration for underlying groove.

X CLUB.’s sets are at once precise and considered as they are unrelenting and propulsive. The pair opt to guide their audience on a dynamic, energetic and unpredictable ride, upping the intensity and chaos before reaching total dancefloor liberation. Quickly emerging from sharehouses in Meanjin/Brisbane and onto the international stage, X CLUB.’s buzz as one of the hottest dance acts to watch at home and abroad is the result of friendship, authenticity, and of course, hard n’ fast tracks.

Fans can expect anything from a sombre and reflective vocal-driven trance track to allout techno assaults; drum’n’bass heaters to pensive and poignant introspection — all within the same record. X CLUB. finds its strength lies not only in this freedom from typical genre constraints, but their willingness to go where their songwriting takes them.

Always eager to keep pushing and breaking new ground, X CLUB. remain a serious force du jour and one which will be felt across the world as they continue their mission of global domination — one dancefloor at a time. 

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