Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Glitch Festival is an over 17 event. Any tickets purchased by anyone under that age are neither valid nor eligible for a refund. Once the ticket has been bought, it will only be changed or refunded in the case of cancellation.

The event will only be considered to have been cancelled in the eventuality of a Government ban. In that case, the purchaser can apply for a refund in a period no longer than thirty days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation.

While every effort is made to ensure that all billed acts perform, Glitch Festival reserves the right to change the bill without prior notification.

Bad weather & natural disasters will not lead to ticket refunds.

The purchase of a ticket for Glitch Festival is for the event itself and not for a specific artist and no refund will be offered in the event of artist cancellations.

Important Notice: Due to the ongoing issues with the Covid-19 situation. Our policy on this is to give our customers the option to keep the ticket for next year’s edition or apply for a refund, in the eventuality of a Government ban which would mean the festival is cancelled for that reason. 


FAQs – Covid-19

If the event is cancelled due to a Government Ban, am I eligible for a ticket refund ?

In case of a government ban leading to Glitch Festival 2021 being cancelled, you will have the option to keep the ticket for next year’s edition or get a refund of all your tickets.

I saved my ticket from 2020, what will happen if 2021 is cancelled?

You will have the option to keep the ticket once again, or get a refund of all your tickets.


Admission Policy

Ticket will be scanned at the entrance before you enter the venue. Remember to set your phone brightness high before scanning your ticket at the door, alternatively you can also print your ticket. Attention: Each Ticket will be scanned. In the attempt of duplication, only 1 ticket will provide entry to the event. All following tickets will be deemed invalid.

The right to admission to Glitch Festival is reserved by the promoter and venue, who may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account at their reasonable discretion, and may from time to time carry out security searches. Glitch Festival operates a zero tolerance policy toward illegal substances. You may be asked to produce identification documentation, to verify your age.

No refunds will be offered to customers who are refused entry or ejected from the venue on account of being (or appearing to be) under the age of 17, declining to be searched, abusive, threatening, drunken or disorderly.


What is refund protection?

Booking insurance is offered by Booking Protect. This means that Paylogic or Glitch Festival cannot exercise any influence over an insurance policy that has been taken out with Booking Protect.

Refund Protection provides a refund if a customer is unable to attend due to a number of circumstances as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Booking Protect doesn’t have any information about an order that is placed by Paylogic. They can only help you if you purchased an insurance with your tickets.

It is not possible to take out booking insurance after an order has been placed. Insurance can only be purchased for some events when ordering.

Questions regarding the Refund protection can be directed at Booking Protect.

Please fill in and submit your refund application form as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to attend to the event according to the circumstances defined in the Terms and Conditions of Booking Protect.

"Glitch Festival is Malta’s unmissable house and techno experience. The sights, sounds and wonderfully warm vibe of Glitch are a highlight on which we're pleased the memories will rest"


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