Save your ticket

Last year you really did save Glitch Festival by holding on to your ticket. Once again we ask for your help. If you can afford it, we encourage you to save your ticket for next year’s edition. In that case no action is required, your ticket is automatically valid for 2022. Another round of €10 credit will be allocated as a token of appreciation (even holders from 2020 edition). Your loyalty & support will go a long way for our organisation and everyone involved.

It’s hard to accept that we’re heading into another summer without Glitch Festival, another summer without the music and people we missed so much, but we’re coming back stronger than ever. Our 1st phase line-up reveal is proof of that.

If you’re not able to attend in 2022, follow this link to apply for a refund. You have till the 11th July 2021 to do so.

"The depth and quality of the Glitch Festival line-up marks a strong new presence on the European festival circuit, and adds another story to Malta’s evolving history"


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