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Neil Hales aka Acidulant is an electronic music producer from Malta. His most popular music to date includes releases on Balkan Vinyl (UK), Acid Avengers (FR), DJ Pierre’s Jack Trax Records & Afro Acid (US). Neil’s debut on Balkan Vinyl kicked off in 2015 with an appearance on a limited edition vinyl-only release Mutant City Acid 2 alongside acid legends Hardfloor.

Later in 2018, his debut EP on Balkan Vinyl, Boring Kingdom, was released, followed by His digital debut on Jack Trax was also released in 2018 with the We Are Children of Acid EP, and later with Attack of the 303, a track featured on Acid 88 Volume III. In 2019, along with some of the genre’s greatest artists from around the world, he also remixed Phuture’s monumental Acid Track.

Even though he is considered an acid freak, Neil’s passion revolves around synthesizers and the experimentation in different genres and electronic sounds. Parallel to his notable acid tracks, he has also collaborated with local visual artists, dancers, and actors under his alias Collateral Intelligence. Neil is also the co-founder of Electronic Music Malta (EMM), which is the first non-profit organisation promoting electronic music in all of its forms in the Maltese islands.