Where is the festival being held?

Glitch Festival 2019 will be held at Gianpula Fields limits of Rabat, Malta.
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What are the opening times and timetables of the festival?

The festival starts at 19:00 on Wednesday 14th and at 18:00 on Thursday 15th. On both days the Fortress stage at Gianpula fields will close off at 02:00. All the other stages will go on till closing at 04:00. View full timetable here

Where will the boat party depart from and at what time?

The boat party point of departure is Sliema, 6:45PM.

Departure: Sliema Ferry (Show location)
Boarding at 18:30
Departure time: 18:45
Boat: Atlantis

What is the minimum age of entry at Glitch Festival?

Minimum age of entry is 17 years, you will be asked to present a valid photo ID upon entry.

Problems buying tickets?

Please refer to Eventbrite’s support system



The After-party on the 16th of August will start off at 22:00 and go on till 04:00. The location of the event is at Gianpula Village, at the same stage hosting the Boiler Room at the main festival.


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Airport transfers

Bonju Rides will be offering the ability to pre-book your airport shuttle service by filling out the pre-booking form available. Click here to pre-book your Airport transfer.

Do I need to print my ticket?

We advise you to print your ticket, however we can also scan the barcode from your smartphone.

I lost my ticket

Just enter your email address at eventbrite.com/gettickets. You can also log into the Eventbrite app or reference the Tickets page within your account.

Can I cancel my ticket or get a refund?

This is not possible. Tickets are non refundable.

What are the benefits of a VIP ticket?

  • The VIP area will be close to the main stage
  • Elevated area
  • Access through a separate entrance, to avoid queuing
  • Quicker access to VIP bar and separate toilet facilities
  • Only a limited number of VIP tickets are available to keep the area comfortable

Should I purchase a second hand ticket?

Counterfeit tickets for Glitch Festival might be in circulation, we can never guarantee entrance with tickets purchased second hand

What is the policy on Drugs?

There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy in regard the use, possession or sale of drugs. There is little or no distinction between soft and hard drugs in Malta, you risk prosecution. Stay safe.

Will there be parking at the festival?

Yes there will be parking available at the festival

Will there be an ATM at the festival?

No ATM will be available onsite, however we will be accepting credit card when you are purchasing drink tokens. Should you need any cash we suggest you plan before hand as the closest one will be a 20 minute walk to Rabat.

Will there be lockers at the festival?

Yes, lockers will be available at the festival.

"Glitch Festival is Malta’s unmissable house and techno experience. The sights, sounds and wonderfully warm vibe of Glitch are a highlight on which we're pleased the memories will rest"


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