Do I need a vaccine certificate to get into the festival or Malta?

No you do not need a vaccine passport to get into the festival or Malta. All restrictions have been lifted

What are the dates for 2022?

Glitch Festival will be taking place on the Mediterranean island of Malta, between the 13-16 of August 2022, so mark your calendars.

What are the opening times and timetables of the festival?

  • 13th August – Opening Party
  • 14th & 15th August – Main Festival
    • Gianpula Village (Location)
    • 18:00 – 04:00
  • 16th August – Boat Parties & Closing Party
    • Closing Party
      • Gianpula Village (Location)
      • 22:00 till 04:00
    • Boat Parties
      • Departure: Sliema Ferry (Show location)
      • Boat Party (Morning) – 11:30 – 14:30
      • Boat Party (Afternoon) – 15:15 – 19:00
      • Boat Party (Night) – 19:45 – 23:45

Full timetable is available here.

Where is the festival being held?

  • The main festival days on the 14-15th will be held at Gianpula Fields limits of Rabat, Malta. Click here to view on Google Maps
  • Opening Party (13th August) location: Valletta Ditch
  • Boat Party (16th August) location & point of departure: Sliema Ferry (Show location)
  • After Party ( 16th August) Boiler Room Stage at Gianpula.

Where will the boat party depart from and at what time?

The boat party point of departure is Sliema

Departure: Sliema Ferry (Show location)
Boat: Geraldine

Morning Event
Boarding at 11:15
Departure time: 11:30

Afternoon Event
Boarding at 15:00
Departure time: 15:15

Night Event
Boarding at 19:30
Departure time: 19:45

Transport / Shuttle Bus

The official Glitch Festival shuttle bus is the easiest and cheapest to get to the festival and return. We will be operating 1 route – Bugibba/Qawra area to the Festival sites. We highly recommend booking your stays in the vicinity of one of these locations. More info here

Shuttle bus tickets are available here

Pickup / Drop off location

Qawra, Triq It – Trunciera, San Pawl il-Baħar. Click here for exact location


Opening Party Shuttle Bus – 13th August (Location: Valletta Ditch)

• 16:30 – 19:00 Leaving from Bugibba / Qawra to the Opening Party.
• 22:00 – 23:30 Leaving from Opening Party to Bugibba / Qawra

2 Day Block Shuttle Bus – 14th & 15th August

• 17:30 – 22:00 Leaving from Bugibba / Qawra to the Gianpula Village
• 02:00 – 04:30 Leaving from  Gianpula Village to the Bugibba / Qawra

What are the benefits of a VIP ticket?

  • The VIP area will be close to the main stage
  • Elevated area
  • Access through a separate entrance, to avoid queuing
  • Quicker access to VIP bar and separate toilet facilities
  • Only a limited number of VIP tickets are available to keep the area comfortable

What’s the difference between block ticket batches (Early Bird, 2nd Tier & 3rd Tier)?

The price is the only difference between ticket batches. The earlier you buy your block ticket, the cheaper it will be.

Problems buying tickets?

Please contact or official ticket provider Paylogic from link below


What is the minimum age of entry at Glitch Festival?

Minimum age of entry is 17 years, you will be asked to present a valid photo ID upon entry.

I bought my tickets via Eventbrite or Festicket in 2019/2020, what should I do?

If you are keeping the ticket, you will receive an email with simple instructions as to how you can claim your new tickets.

When can I use this voucher?

Vouchers will be valid until the 31st of December 2022. Vouchers may be used to purchase any Glitch Festival or Glitch Club Series tickets and Glitch Festival merchandise online. You may not purchase any accommodation packages with the vouchers.

I saved my ticket for 2022. How do I claim my voucher?

Thank you for helping us out! You have received an email containing your voucher code. No further action is required.

Only block tickets are eligible for our voucher offer. However if you have only purchased an Closing Party ticket or Boat Party ticket or Opening Party ticket, they can still be saved and are valid for 2022.

Can I cancel my ticket or get a refund?

This is not possible, tickets are non refundable under normal operating circumstances. If the festival is cancelled or postponed due to a government ban (Due to Covid-19). If the event is unable to go ahead ticket holders will have the option to a full face value refund or transfer their ticket to the rescheduled dates, check our Refund Guarantee here

I have another question how can I contact you?

If you have any other question or require further assitance contact us on support@glitchfestival.com

Press Accreditation

Glitch Festival welcomes journalists and media outlets to cover our festival. Accreditation requests are approved at our discretion and subject to availability. Please apply via press@glitchfestival.com

What is the policy on Drugs?

There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy in regard the use, possession or sale of drugs. There is little or no distinction between soft and hard drugs in Malta, you risk prosecution. Stay safe.

"Glitch Festival continues to grow in clubbing clout, and if this year’s proceedings are anything to go by, then Malta should certainly be on the radar of underground dance music fans"


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