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Bjan Jensen

Bjan-Jensen, shaped by a childhood immersed in music, embarked on his DJing journey in 1999, humbly seeking lessons to hone his craft. Since 2002, he has quietly earned his place on lineups alongside local and top foreign DJs. His broad musical influences shine through in his sets, where he seamlessly blends electro, techno, house, Italo disco, and acid. Bjan-Jensen values the intimate connection with his audience, often performing in small-scale events that provide a unique ambiance for genuine interaction. Simultaneously, he navigates the dynamic landscapes of packed rooms in clubs, venues, and festivals across the island, showcasing his adaptability and resonating with a wide spectrum of listeners. In Bjan-Jensen’s unassuming trajectory, music becomes a conduit for shared experiences, whether in the confines of an intimate venue or amidst the pulsating energy of a festival crowd.