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Born and raised in Malta, Muski immediately developed a love for electronic music when he was exposed to the local underground techno scene around 2014.

Since then, Muski has worked on increasing his knowledge of Techno, and with that came his first gigs. Over the past years, he developed his own sound, made up of hypnotic and fast-paced rhythms, along with impeccable track selections. Back in 2015, he co-founded the Xpose organisation, together with his close friends – bringing down and playing alongside artists like Newa, Amotik, Exium, Thomas Hessler.

In 2018 Xpose joined forces with Solid Tracks Records to start 2 new projects, In.di.go and waX. Muski has been one of the main contributors to both these promotions which have now become key events within the local scene and booked artists such as Slam, SNTS, Kyle Geiger, Deniro and Insolate.