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Pablo Bozzi

Pablo Bozzi’s musical journey begins at the age of 6 during his «classical» training years, he then shapes his harpsichord practice for almost ten years at the National Conserva- tory of Toulouse.

After finishing his degree in Sound Design in Montpellier in 2018, he moves to Berlin to advance his musical career, through his project Imperial Black Unit with Templer, he gains recognition in the scene, after a series of releases on respected labels and a Boiler Room in the famous KHIDI club in Tbilisi.

His passion for Italo Disco, Synthwave and the sonic and aesthetic landscape of the
80’s led him to release a solo EP «Walk On Wire» on the Berghain resident’s label, Phase Fatale. This EP marks the beginning of his will to reinterpret these genres with a modern touch.

Shortly after this release, Bozzi and Phase Fatale joined forces to create their duo Soft Crash, describing this music as «Italo Body Music». Throughout this unprecedented period, he has been busy honing his sound through several releases and remixes, including the «Last Moscow Mule» EP released on Jennifer Cardini’s label, Dischi Autunno, as well as his Second Sight residency on Berlin’s streaming platform HÖR.