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Enter the electrifying world of VTSS, the techno maximalist and high-octane club rhythms maestro. Martyna Maja, the enigmatic force behind VTSS, dominates every release, set, and transition with unparalleled finesse. From DJ/producer to vocalist/song-writer, her versatile talents have skyrocketed her to stardom in recent years, traversing effortlessly between the darkest of dance floors and the grandest festival stages.

Few artists attain the intricate balance of blending pop-cultural influences and niche electronic sub-genres while maintaining credibility quite like VTSS. With a skillful blend of refined productions and raw DIY authenticity, she breaks barriers and consistently delivers undeniable bangers. However, her selections go further, infusing each of her sets with a spirit of exploration, keeping her audience engaged by defying expectations with unexpected genre shifts and an ever-evolving soundscape.

Get ready for one hell of a ride with VTSS.